Carbon & Silicon Carbide Solutions for Chemical Processing / Refining

We are dedicated to the design and development of industry leading components for use within the petrochemical industries.

Capable of exerting unprecedented performance in extreme conditions, our range of carbon and silicon carbide products play an important role in optimising the performance of chemical processing and refinery set-ups worldwide.

With economic conditions forcing production and exploration companies to drill into evermore challenging environments, our carbon seal components and sliding axial & radial bearings offer the outstanding dimensional stability and high thermal conductivity needed to maximise equipment uptime. Self-lubricating, our carbon rotors and vanes also offer an extremely low dynamic friction coefficient.

Offering a unique combination of hardness and strength, our seals and bearings maintain superior abrasion resistance properties, helping to improve the reliability of service valves, pumps, and over reciprocating and rotating equipment.

Our range of components offer a unique combination of hardness and strength whilst maintaining superior abrasion properties so our components can stand up to the harsh conditions found in petrochemical processing applications, such as service valves, pumps, and over reciprocating and rotating equipment.

Properties include:

  • Wear resistance
  • High mechanical strength and modulus
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Increased PV capability
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Outstanding dimensional stability

Our extensive material portfolio and state-of-the-art material capabilities ensure that we’re perfectly placed to meet the most demanding of challenges from customers within the petrochemical industry.  Contact us today for more information.