Oil & Gas

We are dedicated to the design and development of industry leading materials for use within the petrochemical industry, from exploration to refining.

Capable of exerting unprecedented performance in extreme conditions, our extensive portfolio of carbon and silicon carbide materials play critical roles in the systems that provide oil and natural gas to supply the globe.

New methods of extracting more product from the earth demand higher capabilities of materials used for sliding axial and radial bearings, along with both contacting and non-contacting seal faces. Morgan’s grades have demonstrated the ability to deliver the needed performance in the most demanding conditions.

With the premium placed on uptime, reliable performance is critical; Morgan’s leading portfolio and global footprint enables ‘local’ support to facilities with urgent needs with the best materials.

Our range of materials enables the pumps in which they are used to stand up to the harsh conditions found in petrochemical processing applications, such as service valves, pumps, and reciprocating and rotating equipment.