Carbon, Graphite and Silicon Carbide Axial Seals

Our range of axial seals is ideal for applications where low peripheral speeds are required within severe service conditions. Offering leak proof retention of lubricants, our seal components are the right choice for your application

Carbon Axial Seals

Made from our wide range of materials which are predominantly carbon/graphite and silicon carbide based, our axial seals feature outstanding thermal conductivity, high resistance to wear and corrosion and good dry running.

These seals can usually be found in a wide range of applications within the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, healthcare, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food and industrial markets due to their superior tribological characteristics along with their chemical inertness and dimensional stability.

Our sales engineers have over 30 years' worth of knowledge in developing high-performance components and are experts in working closely with our customers to tailor our materials to ensure you have the right axial seal for your end application.

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