Seals and Bearings


Solutions for automotive applications

Near frictionless running, low wear rates and total customer support: make Morgan's strengths your opportunity as you navigate the changing rules of the automotive market.

With the ongoing challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and dramatically improving the efficiency of vehicles, high performing and durable components have never been more in demand. To support the electrification of vehicles, components will need to run ever more efficiently to reduce energy consumption, increase vehicle range and ensure safety for the end-user.

Morgan's wide-ranging materials expertly balance the softness of the material against low wear rates allowing for near-frictionless running and we continuously optimise our materials for individual projects and applications. Our components allow pumps to run more efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions in internal combustion engines and reducing electricity consumption in electric vehicles. Applications include fuel management, thermal management, emissions management and braking systems.

Our precise engineering capabilities allow for very tight tolerances, strict quality points and volumes varying from one-offs to millions while our global manufacturing footprint is capable of providing local support regardless of location or company size. Contact us today to see how we can provide solutions for your project and learn more about our products below.


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