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Power generation

Solutions for power generation applications

Reliability and superb tribological performance from trusted material grades: increase efficiency and exceed your safety and environmental protection targets with Morgan's Seal and Bearing Components.

Morgan’s extensive material portfolio has long demonstrated the performance needed in the most demanding of conditions, with low wear and friction rates increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Our components have been in use for decades across Nuclear, Wind, Thermal, Hydroelectric and Solar applications allowing for reliable renewable power generation.

Our components also continue to support Fossil Fuel applications as a crucial part of the energy mix, allowing for safe and reliable refinement of fossil fuels for heat, energy and transport uses and preventing environmental pollution through stringent sealing solutions. Some applications include service valves, pumps, reciprocating equipment and rotating equipment.

Morgan Seals & Bearings produces reliable solutions through a global footprint enabling local support for the urgent needs of facilities and aerospace-grade quality control systems with full traceability to raw material batches. Explore our products below and contact us to leverage Morgan’s trusted material expertise for your application.


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