Seals and Bearings


Solutions for semiconductors

Reliability, superb tribological and high temperature performance: increase your process efficiency and minimise downtime with Morgan's trusted material portfolio.

Our self-lubricating, corrosion & wear resistant materials, in addition to porous carbon air bearings, significantly extend the lifetime and reduce energy consumption of a multitude of processes all along the semiconductor process stream which include pumps, seals, rotary union, motion, inspection and CMP pad conditioner equipment. Our intricate, smaller bearings for the MLCC inspection and high end computer space as an example exhibits 4-5 greater lifetime than conventional metal alloy bearings.

Furthermore, Morgan offers market leading MgO material, with high sensitivity, temperature resistance and performance repeatability for sensors and thermocouples. Owing to our tightly controlled processing capabilities, Morgan is the partner of choice for reliable temperature monitoring within the abatement units and all along the process stream where thermal management is crucial.

With precise engineering capabilities allowing for tight tolerances, volumes varying from one-offs to millions and a global manufacturing footprint capable of providing local support, Morgan is perfectly placed to serve your needs. Contact us today to see how we can provide solutions for your project and learn more about our products below.

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