Seals and Bearings

Chemical and industrial processing

Solutions for chemical and industrial processing applications

Reliability and superb tribological performance: increase your process efficiency and minimise downtime with Morgan's trusted material portfolio.

Chemical and fuel processing components must perform consistently to meet and exceed high safety and environmental protection standards. Low friction rates are also critical for more efficient running and the resulting energy and cost savings.

Our self-lubricating seals, bearings and shafts reduce pump energy consumption in power stations and chemical plants, showing high resistance to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat. Morgan's wide-ranging material portfolio provides for pumps in both the harsh conditions found in chemical and petrochemical processing applications and also less-corrosive environments resulting from milder mediums.

Morgan’s leading portfolio and global footprint enables local support for the urgent needs of facilities whilst providing the best match of material for the application. We adhere to the market’s high requirements through aerospace-grade control systems offering full traceability back to raw material batches for reliability you can trust. Explore our products below and contact us to leverage Morgan’s trusted material expertise for your application!


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