Seals and Bearings

Home appliances

Solutions for home appliance applications

Morgan has a long history of experience supplying components for pumps found in dishwashers, washing machines, high-speed digital motors and more. We know what is important to our customers and combine our material expertise, pressing capabilities and global manufacturing footprint to expertly serve the home appliance markets.

Each year, our sites produce millions of components supporting these kinds of applications. Morgan's precise press-to-size capabilities can achieve tight tolerances without the need for machining. This reduces wear, vibrations and most importantly noise levels for the end-users, keeping white appliances running smoothly and quietly in homes all over the world.

Our materials are resistant to abrasion and wear and are approved for contact with drinking water. Carbon graphite is commonly used for bearings as it is self-lubricating as well as light, tough and strong.

With the global manufacturing capability to support high volume manufacturing of these products at scale, Morgan is a market leader in this area, offering design expertise and working in partnership with customers to develop innovative, durable and competitive solutions. Explore our products below and contact us today to find out how your application could benefit from Morgan's material expertise.


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