Resin Bonded Carbon Graphite Material for Seals and Bearings

For applications requiring complex shapes produced in high volume, we are the industrial leaders for resin bonded carbon graphite materials for the seals and bearings market.

Resin-bonded carbon graphite is a specialised material consisting largely of resin with carbon-graphite fillers which is injection moulded allowing complex geometries to be formed. The material is hot pressed and does not require a coking step therefore making it more applicable to low durability applications with low wear and temperature requirements.

Our resin bonded materials are chemically inert and approved for contact with food and beverage applications. They have good sliding characteristics due to the self-lubricating properties of carbon, are mechanically strong and are operable in temperatures up to 200°C. This makes their use appropriate for a wide range of applications including:

  • Mechanical seal components for a wide variety of sealing applications
  • Axial bearings operating in immersed fluids, such as petrol, paraffin, kerosene, water
  • Radial bearings
  • Rotors and vanes
  • Wet or dry running applications

Working intimately with our customers, we aspire to develop bespoke solutions specific to our customers' needs whilst optimising manufacturability to enable a cost effective, high value added product to be realised.

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