Air Bearings

Carbon air bearing materials provide a reliable non-contact solution for motion equipment across numerous markets. Within an air bearing system, pressurised air is induced to lift the bearing above the shaft creating a non-contact running surface. This can be achieved either by precision machining orifices in a certain orientation on the bearing or by the use of porous carbon & porous graphite materials.

Morgan’s experience allows us to supply both possible solutions owing to our broad material, processing, and testing capabilities. Our precision machining solutions and strong application engineering support allows manufacturers to significantly reduce cost and maintenance of their systems.

Advantages of Morgan air bearing materials:

  • No mechanical contact so no wear
  • Long lasting repeatable performance
  • High stiffness, compressive strength and load capacity
  • Both orifice and porous solutions available
  • Customisable, tight tolerance solutions
  • Suitable for clean environments looking to minimise contamination such as semiconductor and medical equipment
  • Inherent lubricity advantageous during touch down
  • Process testing to measure flow rate of porous materials

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