Why choose Morgan Delamag MgO Powders?

Morgan Seals & Bearings are delighted to extend their magnesium oxide (MgO) product range and are now offering the Delamag range of high purity MgO powders. The Delamag range is manufactured using strict process controls resulting in extremely consistent high purity magnesium oxide powders with narrow chemical and physical parameters.

MgO Powder for the Dental Market

Delamag is a range of MgO powders specifically designed for the dental mass market. Owing to the variability of the mono ammonium phosphate (MAP), the reaction time of the magnesium oxide powder is critical in these applications. All Delamag dental products are manufactured under strict process conditions and the activity is monitored on a regular basis to ensure batch consistency.

The Delamag Dental range has two standard MgO powder grades Delamag Dental S (Slow) and Delamag Dental F (Fast). 

There are also two speciality grades allowing even greater flexibility namely Delamag Dental ES (Extra Slow) and Delamag Dental EF (Extra Fast). 

MgO Powder for the Automotive Market

Other Delamag powder applications include automotive products such as sensors for emission control where the high magnesia content of the Delamag powders lends itself to consistency and high repeatability. Please contact us for more information on these applications.


To learn more about this material and to view our most up-to-date grade datasheets, contact us today!