Pump Components for Safe Handling of Food and Beverages


Morgan Advanced Materials excels in the production of self-lubricating components for use in pump systems, specialising in the management of friction.  Our history and strong partnerships in this market give us plentiful expertise with components across the food and beverage industry. Applications include coffee machines, carbonated drink dispensers, water purification machines and more.

FDA, WRAS and NSF Material Approvals

Morgan materials are approved by bodies such as the FDA and WRAS for contact with food, offering superior mechanical properties in a range of applications. These materials are resistant to the chemicals used for in-situ sterilisation and eliminate the need for additives that would be unsafe for human consumption. For example, Morgan Carbon Graphite does not require the use of external lubricants and can be submerged in the medium allowing it to be used in direct contact with food products. Our experienced team work closely with pump manufacturers and customers to ensure the finished product will meet hygiene specification requirements.

Self-Lubricating Pump Components

Valentina Anzoletti, Business Development Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials, explains in a recent article from the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association how Morgan combines critical materials in powder form to be compacted and furnaced for bespoke pump components. In the food and beverage industry, these components are used to create the vanes, bearings and internal chambers of a rotary vane pump. Self-lubricating materials help to overcome a variety of challenging pump system applications, such as handing abrasive products or the aggressive cleaning chemicals often required in food industry applications.

“We collaborate closely with our pump manufacturer customers to help find solutions that improve their pump system performance, reduce wear rates and improve pump efficiency. This ensures a reliable and efficient pump solution for the end user of the pump. For applications in food production we also ensure that only food safe materials are used… We call it a solid-lubricant material - the need for lubricant is eliminated as the material is lubricated by the fluid in the system.”

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Valentina Anzoletti

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