Seals and Bearings


Why choose Morgan Alumina?

Aluminas (aluminium oxide, Al2O3) are commonly used for their high wear and corrosion resistance with purity formulations to suit the most demanding of applications.

  • Alumina purity ranging from 86% - 99%
  • Hard-wearing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Electrical insulator

Morgan Hilox™ Alumina Applications

The below is a guide to the application of alumina in seals and bearing products and is merely intended as a guide. For applications not included in this list, please contact us for details about the benefits of alumina in your application.

Applications Strengths in this Application

Industrial Applications include:

Wear-resistant components for rotary and reciprocating pumps handling chemically aggressive media

Cartridge Heaters & Thermocouples

Electrical stress relieving equipment for welding operations

Valve plates for liquid and gas control systems

Exceptionally hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant

High compressive and flexural strengths

Resists corrosion and chemical attack

Dense, non-porous and vacuum tight

Electrical Insulator

Thermal shock resistance

Dimensional stability across a wide temperature range

Residential Applications include:

Immersion heaters

Thermostat assembles for electric irons, kettles and fires and more

Electrical insulator

Abrasion resistance


Good dimensional stability

Non-porous and vacuum tight

Automotive Applications include:

Counterface seals for automotive water pumps


Chemical Resistant

Electrical Insulator

Non-porous and vacuum tight

Dimensional Stability

Medical Applications include:

Medical grade seals


Chemical Resistant

Medical grade approvals

Non-porous and vacuum tight

Contact us today for our most up-to-date datasheets and a grade recommendation tailored to your application.