Seals and Bearings

Magnesium Oxide

Why choose Morgan Magnesium Oxide?

Morgan Seals and Bearings business has a long history in the production of high-quality magnesium oxide (MgO) materials. Featuring characteristics such as high-temperature resistance, electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity, MgO is of vital use across applications in the industrial, medical and transport markets.

Luminex technical MgO components

Morgan Seals and Bearings business manufactures a range of crushable magnesium oxide materials under the trademark of Luminex, these materials are unique due to their electrical and refractory properties. Luminex can be extruded to a uniform shape or injection moulded for complex shapes and additional features. Typical Luminex extruded applications include cartridge heaters, mineral insulated thermocouples and medium-voltage heaters.

Dental investment MgO powders

A range of high purity MgO powders, an extremely consistent high purity magnesium oxide powder with narrow chemical and physical parameters for the dental mass market.

MgO powder for the automotive market

Other MgO powder applications include automotive products such as sensors for emission control where the high magnesia content of the powders lends itself to consistency and high repeatability. Please contact us for more information on these applications.