About Us

The Seals and Bearings business of Morgan Advanced Materials produces self-lubricating products used in applications where the operating environment restricts the use of oil and grease as lubricants due to temperature, corrosion, hygiene or limited access during the lifetime.

These materials also have the added advantage of being light weight and low friction resulting in reduced energy consumption throughout the long lifetime of the product.

Our products are an intrinsic part of everyday life. Our tribologically superior materials are an integral part of a wide range of domestic and industrial products in mechanical systems where components are exposed to the effects of friction and erosion. The high quality of our technologically advanced materials has been established over generations and is sold worldwide with production activities in strategically positioned locations across the globe.

  • We offer an extensive portfolio of differentiated carbon-graphite, graphite, silicon carbide, alumina, and zirconia materials
  • Special sprinter service for customer specific products
  • High volume capabilities - processed-to-size/injection molding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Broad range of impregnation capabilities including various resins, metals, ceramics and oxidation inhibitors