Carbon Graphite Material for Seals and Bearings in Pump Applications

We are the industry leader in the production of high tolerance components from carbon graphite for a diverse range of market applications.

Oxidation resistant, chemically inert and offering outstanding thermal shock resistance, our carbon graphite products have been developed to withstand the extraordinary environmental conditions found in markets such as Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductor Processing, Mining and Healthcare. Some of the products we develop using carbon graphite include:

  • Mechanical seal components for a wide variety of sealing applications
  • Canned motor pump bearings
  • Radial and axial bearings designed to operate in immersed fluids such as petrol, paraffin and kerosene
  • Rotors and vanes
  • Structural components

Carbon graphite outstanding thermal properties and resilience ensure that it’s an exemplary material for components that are exposed to extreme temperatures, speeds and a variety of corrosive liquids and gases.

In applications where constituent parts such as counterfaces, shafts or bearing housings are subjected to constant abrasive industrial use, the excellent dimensional stability of this material means it is able to offer unparalleled performance in a variety of operating conditions, such as:

  • Where components are used as a medium to be sealed or pumped
  • Wet or dry running
  • In applications where there is pressure to be sealed or load applied

As a global innovator in the design and manufacture of advanced materials, our manufacturing capabilities ensure we are able to produce bespoke components at high volumes for our customers. Our engineers work alongside customers to devise the most efficient and cost-effective material solution for your application – contact us today to find out more.