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Reaction bonded Silicon Carbide

Why choose Morgan reaction bonded Silicon Carbide?

Purebide® reaction bonded Silicon Carbide is ideal for extreme environments, due to its exceptional wear and chemical resistance, enhanced dry running capability and high hardness. minimize friction and temperature generation in a variety of applications. Desirable capabilities include:

  • High wear resistance
  • High modulus
  • Thermal shock resistance

Reaction bonded Silicon Carbide types - Monolithic or with Graphite

There are two main types of reaction bonded Silicon Carbide. For more information on these material types, contact our material experts.

Monolithic or Solid Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

As part of the reaction process, the silicon infiltrates the inherent porosity of the matrix, yielding an impervious composition. The surface texture created by the free silicon reduces friction for prolonged component life.

An excellent candidate for tribological components used in fluids that are moderately caustic or acidic, including fuels, abrasives, light hydrocarbons, etc. The material yields the highest P-V capability when mated with our premium mechanical carbon materials.

Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide with Graphite (CMC)

Also impervious, the unique surface texture created by the presence of silicon and graphite further extends the tribological capability of this material. With its higher degree of thermal conductivity and lower degree of thermal expansion, this material is ideal for applications susceptible to the forces of thermal shock as well as friction, impact, abrasion, erosion, or high temperatures.

Purebide® reaction-bonded silicon carbides minimise friction and temperature generation in a variety of applications. Our ability to press and form to near net shape, prior to reaction bonding, allows us to supply your components at the best value.

Contact us for a grade recommendation best-suited to your application and for our most up-to-date datasheets contact us today.