Why choose Morgan Purebide Siliconised Graphite?

Morgan Advanced Materials offers a range of siliconised graphite marketed under our Purebide® brand featuring a hardness approaching monolithic silicon carbide, with a lower modulus closer to that of electrographite. This material serves as the genesis of future silicon carbide/graphite composites, including our world-beating PGS materials.

  • High hardness
  • Abrasion resistance

These materials benefit from using this process as the lack of size change during the reaction process enables the creation of complex configurations through traditional turning and grinding approaches whose surfaces are then converted to silicon carbide in a cost-effective manner.

The siliconised surface provides increased abrasion resistance from metallic options. Additionally, as there is some residual graphite remaining within the silicon carbide matrix, the resulting topography enables better lubrication to the interface, extending load capabilities over metallic based materials.

Siliconised Graphite Applications

Some Siliconised Graphite applications include the following. Please contact us for more details and to get a grade recommendation best suited to your application.

  • Mechanical Seal Faces
  • Sliding Bearings
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For a grade recommendation specified to your application and to view our most up-to-date grade datasheets, contact us today!