Why choose Morgan Sintered Silicon Carbide?

Morgan Purebide® Sintered Silicon carbide offers superior performance in highly corrosive and abrasive applications. Other desirable characteristics include:

  • High hardness and strength
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High modulus
  • Chemical resistance 

Sintered Silicon Carbide Types - Monolithic or with Graphite

There are two main types of Morgan Sintered Silicon Carbide. For more information on these material types, contact our material experts.

Sintered Silicon Carbide

Combination of hardness, strength, and temperature resistance gives it excellent capabilities for service in a wide range of applications where chemical and abrasion resistance, high speeds, and high pressures are required. Also, an excellent counterface material when paired with our premium mechanical carbon grades.
Graphite Loaded Sintered Silicon Carbide The free graphite improves lubricity for greater dry run survivability and better thermal shock resistance than conventional sintered materials. Increased PV (pressure velocity) capability between hardface mating pairs, due to the presence of graphite, makes PGS-100 the best solution for all types of hardface pair sealing applications.

The processing of our sintered silicon carbide materials enables us to offer you choices in production technique. For higher volumes, our process-to-size technology offers greater value. In addition, our fully integrated machine shops offer you the option to create engineered components with intricate features.

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For a grade recommendation specified to your application and to view our most up-to-date grade datasheets, contact us today!